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Brandfolder uses LogRocket to make sure their engineers aren’t spending unnecessary time fixing user issues.

When every issue is considered a technical issue

Brandfolder’s problem was every issue was considered a technical issue. Due to lack of visibility into their application, they were unable to separate technical issues from user issues. Customer Support had to ask the user for screenshots and descriptions for every support ticket to send to Engineering, who had to spend time figuring out exactly what went wrong with little to no context. As a result, bugs took a long time to fix and were difficult to resolve.

Brett Nekolny, Director of Engineering at Brandfolder, and Anders Wood, Frontend Developer, are all too familiar with the work that goes into rolling up errors and gaining in-depth visibility.

Brandfolder, established in 2012, offers a visually intuitive and robust Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform that enables marketers and creatives to manage, distribute, and analyze brand creative within a single source of truth.

"The way our app is built with our UI means any given part of our app can be seen differently by each user. There’s a lot of different combos by feature flag, user role, permissions, et cetera — which makes it really difficult to track and reproduce what the user saw,” says Anders. “Bugs can slip through."

Being a customizable product means that the UI is different for each user, adding to the complexity of understanding and reproducing customer issues.

When they were able to identify errors, it was difficult to match them to the actual users. According to Brett, “Our frontend visibility was not ideal.” Even with other solutions, they were unable to correlate issues with users or to identify new issues at all.

As their user base grew, so did the number of support requests to Engineering. It was difficult to see what the issue was, so support tickets were always given to the Engineering team to solve. As a result, reproduction and resolution were eating up more and more valuable developer resources every day.

LogRocket helps address technical issues more quickly and directly

Brandfolder turned to LogRocket to get them the visibility and insight that the Engineering and Support teams needed on the front end.

LogRocket helps address tech issues more quickly and directly. “We can see exactly what is driving the error,” says Anders. “It saves cycles on bug fixing.”

"The barrier to start was so low,” Brett says. “We got into it quicker and easier than we would’ve thought; it was so easy to get going. We only had to put in a couple of lines of code, and figuring out the UI was straightforward.”

Now, Brandfolder is solving more problems with less work. “When we solve more problems, we get fewer problems,” according to Anders.

Ability to use LogRocket across multiple technologies

Like most organizations, Brandfolder works with a lot of different technologies. Visibility across the stack is a common concern when integrating anything new into an app.

"Regardless of what technologies we’re using, LogRocket works great. We’ve got different technology from different legacy pieces of the app, and LogRocket is able to capture everything and work seamlessly across all of it,”

Making sure technical teams are not working on non-technical issues

The transparency that LogRocket provides doesn’t only benefit Engineering. LogRocket empowers Brandfolder’s Customer Support team so they can easily distinguish technical issues from user errors. They can jump in and address a problem without having to involve engineers.

Better handoff from Customer Support to Engineering

According to Brett, asking users to send screenshots and browser info makes them disengage, ultimately leaving out more pieces of the puzzle. With LogRocket, handoff time from Customer Support to Engineering is immediate through the integration with Zendesk.

Larger deals, more users, more features, less problems

Brandfolder is solving more problems with a fraction of the effort because engineers aren’t spending all their time hunting down bugs and replicating errors. Instead of receiving more tickets as the number of users and features grow, tickets are flat.

"More complexity means we should have had to grow our Customer Support team, but we haven’t had to. The number of support tickets has been relatively flat, while the numbers of customers and features is growing every day,” says Brett. “We’re selling larger and larger deals because LogRocket allows us to do so sustainably.”

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