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When your store only exists online, an intuitive user experience could mean the difference between a new customer and a lost sale. Cat Person, an ecommerce site selling high-quality cat care products, saw firsthand just how much usability can affect conversion rates after updating their UX to better match user behavior.

“We launched with a lot of unique design elements that — although they looked cool and differentiated our brand — we suspected were actually doing a disservice for an ecommerce site focused on conversion,” said Matt Huang, senior product manager at Cat Person.

The Cat Person product team leveraged insights from LogRocket’s session replay and funnel metrics features to identify how users actually interacted with their site. With this data in hand, the team made changes to create an optimal UX for customers.

These changes resulted in a notable uptick in conversion rate and helped Cat Person considerably increase their customer base. In the four months since launching in March, Cat Person has seen its conversion rate improve by 4x.

“We could go into LogRocket, specify the sessions we wanted to look for, and go back over last month’s data to look for trends,” Matt said.

“It helps us make decisions to improve our conversion rate.”
Identifying why customers drop off before buying

Cat Person is a direct-to-consumer ecommerce startup founded by two cat lovers. They specialize in high-quality cat food, treats, bowls, beds, and other cat care products. The startup offers 19 different flavor and texture combinations to cat owners that want premium wet and dry foods delivered right to their door on a subscription basis.

The team at Cat Person knew a sleek, simple UI could keep customers on their site longer. But when it comes to a direct-to-consumer company’s bottom line, what matters most is that customers make it all the way to checkout.

Post-launch, the team’s biggest focus was on optimizing the signup experience. To find opportunities for improvement, the team set up a conversion funnel that looked at user subscriptions.

“It’s a fairly complex funnel in that people have to take a quiz and tell us about their cats,” said Cat Person senior product manager Matt Huang.

Initially, the team assumed the best way to increase subscriptions was to cut down on the number of steps to conversion; shortening the quiz seemed like the most obvious solution. But Matt saw data in LogRocket that contradicted this initial impulse.

“I was able to go into that funnel and identify where in the flow we saw the biggest drop-off”

“We found that the issue was not the number of questions in the quiz. People love to talk about their cats. The problem was the results page, where they saw the subscription meal plan we recommended for their cats.”, Matt said.

In doing user research, Cat Person found that users were confused by the results page. The team is now focused on making that final page a better experience for their customers.

“We’re clarifying the subscription pricing and adding more details on the products to make it easier to understand,” he said.

“LogRocket helped us hone in on where in the funnel we had the biggest opportunity to improve conversion.”

With these insights, Cat Person achieved their goal of shaping their UI to fit their customers rather than expecting that their customers would adjust to fit the site.

Tracking trends in user behavior for actionable insights

The company’s senior software engineer, Tommy York, built the ecommerce site from scratch. Being the company’s only developer, he was able to choose his tech stack.

“We use Gatsby, and our CMS is Sanity,” said Tommy. “We initially chose LogRocket because it made it easier for us to resolve esoteric bugs.”

Tommy began searching for a logging tool immediately upon joining the Cat Person team. Error resolution had been a time consuming task at his previous engineering job in fintech, and he didn’t want to waste his work hours fixing bugs.

“With my previous employer, where we didn’t have LogRocket, I spent days trying to figure out what was going on with an issue,” Tommy said. “Now it’s a lot easier to tell.”

Cat Person also chose LogRocket for its session replay feature, which its customer service team employs to expedite resolution of customer issues.

Tommy said it was immediately apparent that LogRocket fit the company’s needs — and its budget.

“Other tools were cost-prohibitive for us. It was a no-brainer to push forward with LogRocket.”

Once Cat Person integrated LogRocket into their tech stack, the product team quickly realized LogRocket’s Performance Experience Monitoring solution could serve as an asset to boost subscription sales.

Cat Person customers wanted their buying experience to be convenient and simple — with as few visual distractions as possible.

“Post-launch, LogRocket has been an invaluable tool from a product perspective,” said Matt. “Pre-launch, we added a lot of innovative design ideas to the site to make our brand stand out. A lot of our work post-launch has been learning what’s working and not working so we can make the site more user-friendly.”

One feature that was developed pre-launch was a “Quick Shop” bar that showed users an “Add to Cart” button, which remained visible on the page as users scrolled down to view more product details.

“The intention was to make it easy for customers to add the product to their cart, even if you’re all the way at the bottom of the page,” Matt said. “But the mobile implementation for the Quick Shop bar was taking up a lot of real estate on small screens.”

The product team hypothesized that the mobile implementation of the Quick Shop bar could be doing more harm than good. They wondered if the bar was hiding information people actually wanted to see, like cat food ingredients.

“LogRocket was really handy because we were able to go in and set up a custom funnel,” Matt explained. “We looked for people who ended up on one of our product pages on mobile and interacted with the Quick Shop bar.”

Matt filtered for mobile sessions where users landed on product pages and clicked the “Add to Cart” component.

The team found that less than 3 percent of customers were actually interacting with the Quick Shop feature on mobile. This reinforced the team’s hypothesis that the button was getting in the way of a streamlined browsing and shopping experience.

“The data gave me confidence as a PM to say, let’s just get rid of this. Once we got rid of it, we actually saw our conversion rates on mobile go up.”

Removing obstructive design elements from their mobile site helped the Cat Person team stick to their mission of providing high-quality products through a convenient online medium. The change made an immediate impact on sales.

“The fact that we could go into LogRocket, say we wanted to look for sessions where this specific flow of activities happened, and look at the past month’s data to identify trends has been great for making informed decisions that help us optimize our conversion rate,” said Matt.

These UI changes enable a seamless purchasing experience for Cat Person users and decreases the chances that users will bounce from the site out of frustration.

Leveraging heat maps to optimize UX

When reviewing the mobile version of the Quick Shop bar implementation, the Cat Person product team went into LogRocket with a hypothesis and used the data to verify their assumption with quantitative evidence. But the team has also stumbled upon valuable insights in LogRocket without a specific goal in mind.

“There have been times where I’ve gone in and just clicked on recent sessions or used the heat mapping feature to highlight what people are clicking on most often,” said Matt.

Through the heat map feature, the Cat Person team noticed a lot of users were trying to click on the small images at the top of their product pages.

“For example, at the top of the bowl pages, there’s a tiny little bowl,” he said. “The image isn’t clickable, but we saw that people were trying to click on it — probably just to see it better on mobile.”

This gave the product team the idea to increase the size of their product images. The team also redesigned the site to include pictures of each listed product along with its price.

“The heat map showed us that people wanted to look at images to understand the product better.”

By monitoring LogRocket, Cat Person’s product team discovered a trend in user behavior they hadn’t expected that informed significant web design changes.

Using LogRocket as a way to stay updated on how their customers peruse the site, the company plans to continually optimize their approach to ecommerce.

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