Case Study


LogRocket provides Siigo with visibility into the friction points in their customers' buying journey, providing them with the tools they need to shift to a fully digital sales experience.

Yasser Chain
eCommerce Manager
Increased conversion
Unified analytics
Under a single source of truth
Team members using LogRocket

Executive summary

Siigo has 34 years of experience providing payroll and accounting software to Latin American companies with under 1000 employees. Their business was built on a call center model to acquire new customers, but in 2020, a new law required companies to shift to electronic tax and payroll systems, upending Siigo’s business model.

To remain competitive in one of their primary markets, Siigo opened a self-service online storefront to address new customer interest instead of nearly doubling the size of their call center. They set a goal of driving 30% of new sales through the online storefront by 2024.

This shift in the business model brought new challenges: Siigo needed to understand how customers engaged with their store, where the barriers to purchasing were, and whether customers had enough information to make confident decisions about their payroll software.

Since adopting LogRocket, Siigo has increased their online conversion rate from 10% to 30% and inspired rapid usage across the company because teams can access both qualitative and quantitative data at scale when making decisions.

Solving the customer feedback loop

Siigo began their online sales initiative using customer feedback surveys to understand how customers interacted with their new site and measure its success. But response rates to these surveys were low.

“When we sent out maybe 1,000 surveys, around 10 people would respond,” said Yasser Chain, eCommerce Manager at Siigo. “That’s a very small sample. So we’d try to call [our customers], but we have a very strict system for how many times a month we can call our customers — only 3-4 times tops.”

Unable to get a clear picture of what customers wanted and where they ran into issues, Siigo quickly realized they needed a new approach to acquiring the qualitative data they used to gain through customer calls. This became more urgent when they noticed that customers still contacted the call center to make purchases after browsing the online store, which defeated its purpose entirely.

“We could not understand why customers only arrived at the store without adding products to the cart,” Yasser said. He knew Siigo needed to do better, especially if they wanted to achieve their sales goal.

Yasser implemented a basic heatmap tool, but it only provided part of the picture. His team could see where customers were looking based on their hover and click map data, but could not see why customers were not completing steps.

This is when VP of Product Felipe Reyes counseled Yasser to bring in LogRocket, “the Ferrari of heatmap tools,” to provide insight into their customer journeys and gather path analysis data.

Boosting conversion rates by creating a single source of truth

Felipe had used LogRocket in a previous role and knew it was an upgrade over their existing analytics solution. In addition to heatmaps and scroll/click maps, LogRocket provided information on rage and dead clicks, path analysis, and customer frustration and drop-off, with much more qualitative and quantitative data than their previous solution provided. This bolstered their ability to understand where customers were running into issues, see what those issues were, and make decisions about how to resolve them.

“It’s the Ferrari of heatmap tools.”

Inspired, Yasser tried to solve his previous problems with customer feedback using LogRocket. He quickly realized that customers weren’t getting the same quality of product information they got when calling in to purchase, instead of using the online store. “They were clicking a lot of characteristics that didn’t have a CTA. They were dead clicks. The customers were clicking, and nothing happened.”

Armed with this new information, Yasser consulted with the phone sales team to compare processes. “They said, ‘We talk with the client and we explain to them all the features of the product and how it works.’ And I realized that our [online] customers didn’t know what we were talking about. We needed product detail pages.”

Yasser used LogRocket to explain the lag in online sales by aggregating LogRocket session replays that showed his development team where their users were dead-clicking for more information, and advocating for the creation of product detail pages.

After launching those pages, “the online conversion rate exploded,” according to Yasser.

“We went from 10% of online customers converting to 25-30%.”

Now, anyone on Yasser’s team at Siigo can look at LogRocket sessions to understand user behavior and gather the quantitative and qualitative data they need to justify changes to the online store.

Looking forward

Yasser’s team is no longer the only one to benefit from using LogRocket — they’ve since spread from just the ecommerce team to 25 members across the business, including their product and customer service teams, covering all aspects of what they do. Anyone can access the qualitative and quantitative data they need to make improvements and changes to their process.

“Every time an improvement is requested, we use LogRocket to demonstrate and justify the change.”

The success Siigo has seen after implementing LogRocket on their online sales platform has inspired a new optimization project aimed at streamlining the entire online customer experience on their new website.

LogRocket has become an important part of decision-making by instilling confidence in the team at Siigo, which has ultimately made their customers more successful, helped them achieve their sales goals, move smoothly into a new era of their company, and gain traction toward their ultimate goal of moving 30% of all sales online.