Angular Error Handling and Aggregation

Gain Insight into Why Angular Errors Occurred

Why is error handling important for Angular?

Angular runs some of the most high-use, complex, and critical applications in production today. Some high-profile examples include GitHub, Google, and Adobe.  By default, Angular provides some basic error handling, however, creating a robust system for handling Angular errors is up to the application developers. 

Methods for error handling in Angular

Some of the most widely-used built-in classes and options for handling Angular errors include:

ErrorHandler - likely the most “labor-intensive” way to handle errors. This class must be deployed across the entire codebase, and is very hard to maintain. 

HttpErrorResponse - designed to handle http requests and determine error behavior in particular. Is used when catching errors with a httpClient method.

Snack Bar - more geared towards the end-user. This is a built in system for displaying error messages to a user so they understand something went wrong. A good alternative to simply printing errors to console.  

httpInterceptor - this option is best for implementing an application-wide error handling system. Everything can be logged from one central location. 

Where do these options fall short?

You may notice that most of these options revolve around logging HTTP requests. While a huge portion of errors occur around http requests, there is another layer which can be missed without the right tooling. Normal user-facing errors which aren’t always caused by an issue with an HTTP request can commonly break an Angular app for an end user -- usually caused by issues with JavaScript code. Surfacing, aggregating, and fixing these issues is critical to maintaining a successful user experience. 

Tools like LogRocket automatically capture all errors related to an Angular app - both HTTP-based (network requests) and JavaScript-based errors. LogRocket can greatly improve your Angular error handling systems by compiling issues with an Angular app then providing insight into why those issues occurred by leveraging session-replay and centralized error reporting. Get a free trial today.

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Angular Error Handling