What is the Best Error Tracking Software?

Track Errors to Identify Trends and Fix Bugs More Quickly

What is error tracking? 

Error tracking is the process of proactively identifying issues in your web application and fixing them as quickly as possible. 

Monitoring errors can become increasingly complicated as web applications get more dynamic and interactive. As your web application attracts more users, you want to make sure that it is performing without any hiccups. Therefore, it may be convenient to have an error tracking software in place from the beginning to address the smaller issues before they spiral into something unmanageable. 

frontend vs. back-end error tracking

Back end errors: These errors are relatively straightforward since all server-side code runs on a single platform. Not all back-end errors affect the user experience but keeping track of them can prove to be useful when tuning your application for performance. 

Frontend errors: When a frontend error occurs there are a number of things that can go wrong for the user, possibly causing a terrible experience. However, most of these errors aren’t explicit and usually go unreported. You can utilize HTTP status codes to gain insight into errors on your web application or use third-party software. 

What to look for in error tracking software

  • Collects basic information like stack trace, metadata, and frequency histograms 
  • Integrations with support tools 

What are helpful error tracking software?

Although there are plenty of error monitoring tools online, they each offer different types and amounts of insight into your web application. 

Traditional error reporting tools allow you to quickly diagnose problems in your codebase and enjoy faster development cycles. However, you don’t get as much insight into the frontend errors such as how bad the error is and how it truly affected your user experience. A solution like LogRocket combines the best part of error tracking software with session replay and performance monitoring. Get a free trial today


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