Angular Logging with LogRocket

Finally, no more mysterious exceptions and crashes.

Replay problems as if they happened in your own browser.

Session video

Visualize HTML/CSS bugs, and inspect the DOM at any point in time.

User actions

See the user’s mouse, keyboard, touch events and more.

Network activity

Inspect every request/response.

Console and Redux

See console logs and redux state at any point in time.

Network activity

Inspect every request/response.

Redux actions

Replay the actions that led to a bug.

Session video

See exactly what the user saw.

Redux state

Explore state at any moment in time.

Fix bugs at the speed of lightning


Connect to your crash reporting tool and get a LogRocket report with every exception.

Get a LogRocket session URL with every crash in your exception tracking tool.


Allow QA and users to report bugs directly from your app with our reporting button.

QA and beta testers can create issues with LogRocket sessions URLs.


View the session in LogRocket to see exactly what happened when the user reported the bug.

See console logs, network requests, and video for every bug.

Capture everything

Console and Redux logs
Synchronized to the session recording

Full DOM state and user actions
Pixel-perfect replay of what your users saw

Network requests / responses
Bodies, headers, duration and errors

Deep performance analysis
Memory usage, FPS, asset loads, and more.

Integrations for popular frameworks and libraries

LogRocket streamlines the process of squashing bugs and solving our UI roadblocks. Before LogRocket we’d spend hours going back-and-forth between product, QA, and engineers to solve issues. Now we can resolve issues in minutes and beat our deadlines by weeks.

adam veary, lead engineer - aol


Does LogRocket slow my site down?

Not at all - most everything is done asynchronously. Read our technical explaination why right here.

What types of apps does LogRocket support?

LogRocket works with every web app and framework. There are integrations for popular libraries like React, Angular, and Redux, but they are not necessary to use LogRocket.

What about privacy?

We encrypt all of your data, and let you sanitize sensitive user content to protect privacy.

How much does LogRocket cost?

Pricing is based on your monthly number of sessions and teammates in your account.

Sign up, it's free!

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LogRocket Reproduce: Replay problems as if they happened in your own browser.