Record and Replay for Redux apps

Fix every crash, bug, and user issue.

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Understanding problems in your web app shouldn't be this hard.

With LogRocket, you can replay problems as if they happened in your own browser.

Session replay

See exactly what your user saw.

Redux actions

Replay the actions that led to a bug.

Network activity

View every network request and response.

Redux state

Explore state at any moment in time.

Network activity

View every request, including network bodies.

Console & Redux

See console logs and redux state at any point in time.

Session video

Visualize HTML/CSS bugs, and inspect the DOM at any time.


Understand what code slowed down the app, and why.

Fits into your workflow

Crystal-clear bug reports

Every issue in your issue tracker has full logs and a video.

Reproduce exceptions

Stop wasting time trying to reproduce exceptions. If it happened, we captured it.

Intelligent customer support

A shortcut to having to ask your users for screenshots and logs.

Works with your stack

LogRocket works regardless of language or framework, and we provide SDKs for specific technologies.



Plain JS




LogRocket streamlines the process of squashing bugs and solving our UI roadblocks. Issues that took hours or days to fix now take minutes.

adam veary, development lead at aol

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