Record and Replay for JavaScript Apps

Fix every crash, bug, and user issue.

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Understanding problems in your web app shouldn't be this hard.

With LogRocket, you can replay problems as if they happened in your own browser.

Session video

Visualize HTML/CSS bugs, and inspect the DOM at any point in time.


Understand what code slowed down the app, and why.

Network activity

Inspect every request/response.

Console & Redux

See console logs and redux state at any point in time.

Network activity

Inspect every request/response.

Redux actions

Replay the actions that led to a bug.

Session video

See exactly what the user saw.

Redux state

Explore state at any moment in time.

LogRocket for Developers

No more mysterious bugs: replay every crash, exception, and user-reported issue.

Console and Redux logs
Synchronized to the session recording

Full DOM state and user actions
Pixel-perfect replay of what your users saw

Network requests / responses
Bodies, headers, duration and errors

Deep performance analysis
Memory usage, FPS, asset loads, and more.

LogRocket for Support

Keep having to ask users for clarification? LogRocket has the answer.

Understand user issues without back-and-forth

LogRocket captures video and logs of every user session, so that you can see why users are confused and how to fix problems.

...with deep integrations to your existing tools

Search for specific users from our dashboard, or view sessions directly from your support tool without switching context.

LogRocket for Product/UX

Watch real users interact with your product in the wild. Use LogRocket's powerful search to find user sessions, analyze new features, build funnels, and more with just a few clicks.


Integrates with your favorite tools

QA / Issue Reporting

Save time fixing bugs. Every issue has full Redux logs and a video of the problem.

Crash Reports

No more mysterious crash reports. Replay the failure to understand the root cause.

Customer Support

Stop asking users for screenshots and clarification. Just replay their sessions!

LogRocket streamlines the process of squashing bugs and solving our UI roadblocks. Issues that took hours or days to fix now take minutes.

adam veary, development lead at aol

$ installs in seconds

npm install --save logrocket


LogRocket | Record and Replay for JavaScript Apps