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What is Session Replay?

Session replay is a term for technologies and tools which record user actions on a website or web application. They are used to understand customer experience, optimize conversion rates, diagnose issues, security, and more.

Do session replay products hurt performance on a website or web app?

The short answer is maybe. Depending on how a session replay solution has been built, recordings usually do not have too much of an effect on performance. LogRocket, for instance, has an extremely minimal impact on performance because of how it reconstructs the session by sending a minimal amount of data asynchronously.

What about privacy? Are session replay tools secure?

Again, the answer is maybe. The first security concern is capturing sensitive information about users of a website or web app. Some tools will have options to exclude fields like passwords or text fields like emails or account IDs from being recorded. The second most cited concern is where the recordings are stored and what measures have been put in place to make sure the environment of the storage and the tool itself are secure.

Are you evaluating session replay solutions? Here’s a few things you should look for:

  • Accurate replay: It is common that low-quality session replay tools will not correctly render elements in the DOM. Also, there may be irregularities with what a user actually did compared to what the replay shows. It’s important to test the quality of the replay by introducing complex elements like animation, z-index, state changes, and anything special about your website or app which might be important to you.
  • Capture everything: Many solutions will only record a sample of sessions rather than all of the sessions. In most cases, sampling severely limits the potential value of using a session replay tool.
  • Technical information: If you are a product, support, or developer/engineer, including all of the associated technical telemetry along with the session replay gives context around what the user was doing. It allows you to quickly identify any issues a user experieinced and how issues impact users over time.
  • Security: Powerful security features and practices should be top-of-mind when evaluating session replay products. Some important considerations are:
    • The ability to choose which fields or elements to sanitize to prevent them from being recorded, and automatic methods to accomplish this.
    • The option to run the application and store data within your own environment.
    • For SaaS products, ensuring that the environment is secure, compliant, and leverages methods such as 2FA, roles, SSO, and others.

With pixel-perfect session replay, hardened security (including an on-premises option), flexible deployment options, and contextual technical telemetry, LogRocket is among the most admired session replay tools on the market. Get a free trial today.

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