Proactively surface issues that impact conversion rate

Tackle issues that lead to lost conversions. Know why users drop off, not just where.

Trusted by these great companies:
Trusted by these great companies:

See issues directly impacting your conversion rate


LogRocket Funnel Insights lets you focus resources on issues that cause user drop off and negatively impact your business.

Reveal the root cause of lost conversions.

Drilldown for a better understanding

LogRocket displays the frontend issues, performance issues, dead clicks, and rage clicks that directly caused lost conversions.

Analyze the entire journey, or debug your funnel step by step, for visibility into how individual users were impacted.

See how real users journey through your funnel


LogRocket’s session replay lets you watch everything users did within your funnel.

Integrates with your existing analytics stack

Integrate your existing analytics stack with LogRocket Funnel insights.
Quickly identify and correct issues that will boost your conversion rate.

"LogRocket helped us hone in on a conversion step in our funnel where we had the biggest opportunity to improve"

Matt Huang - Senior Product Manager, Cat Person
LogRocket Funnel Insights: Proactively surface issues which impact conversion rates.