LogRocket for Product/UX

Analytics tell you what, LogRocket tells you why.

Rewind your customer sessions like TiVo

Go beyond analytics, and get answers to your customer experience questions. See real user behavior in the wild without expensive user testing. Curious how users are interacting with that new feature you just launched? Just press play.

Capture every single event

No matter how complex your application is, or what technology you’re using, LogRocket captures every click, scroll, page transition, and more. Asking a new question doesn't require you to wait days for new data to trickle in.

Share notes

Leave a comment to share with your team whenever you notice a bug or usability issue. You’ll be able to jump back into the session at the exact point where you left a note, and your whole team can rally around improving usability.

LogRocket gives us unique insight into how our users are doing and how they’re interacting with our product. It’s used by the whole team: developers, support, product, pretty much everyone.

greg schecter - lead product engineer - wheelhouse

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LogRocket for Developers

View logs, network activity, and DOM state leading up to a crash.

LogRocket for Support

Troubleshoot customer issues and fix problems faster.

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LogRocket for Product/UX: Analytics tell you what, LogRocket tells you why.