LogRocket for Support

Make users happier by understanding their problems without back-and-forth.

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Superpowers for support

With LogRocket, you can help your customers be successful by understanding their issues and why they're confused.

Instant understanding

No more asking for screenshots or log dumps. LogRocket captures a full video and logs of every user session.

Bug or just confused?

Sometimes users are just confused. LogRocket helps you identify why they are stuck and how you can help.

The bottom line: LogRocket helps you resolve issues faster.

Understand problems at the speed of lightning


Connect LogRocket to your support tools. Clicking the link will bring you to the user’s timeline.


Use the user timeline to narrow down to the session where the user issue occurred.


Watch the recorded user session and understand the issue. Share directly to your teammates or issue tracking tool.

See the bigger picture

Get to the bottom of a user problem in minutes with all of the information in one place.

session video
user timeline
javascript errors
session details

Watch a pixel-perfect replay of what the user saw.

See the history of everything a user has done in your app, color-coded by feature usage.

Full logs from the user session, including errors and warnings.

Information about the user's browser, app version, and history with your product.

LogRocket has helped us track down difficult issues within hours that might have taken days or weeks. Our users are happier because we can help them without needing to ask them for more information.

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View logs, network activity, and DOM state leading up to a crash.

LogRocket for Product/UX

Deeply understand your users by watching them use your product.

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LogRocket for Support: Understand user problems without back-and-forth.