Web app session recordings

Understand user issues, improve KPIs, and enhance UX

As web apps grow in complexity, the number of potential user-facing issues has also increased. From frontend bugs and network problems to usability issues, understanding the end-user experience can be nearly impossible without a dedicated web app session recording tool.

Session recordings can help development teams quickly find and understand problems in web apps, prioritize and resolve issues, and improve usability and user satisfaction.

Common problems developers face in complex applications

With complex applications, teams run into a few different challenges:

  • Time-consuming to recreate issues: It’s challenging to gain enough context to reproduce and fix user-reported issues without asking for screenshots or jumping on support calls, which can be frustrating for both you and your users
  • KPIs are not performing as expected: When conversion rate or adoption is lower than expected, software teams struggle to understand the root cause. Are there technical issues? Are people struggling to use the product due to an unintuitive design?
  • Difficulty prioritizing bugs: Not all bugs need to be fixed. For instance, an issue that only affects a few users with no impact to revenue is likely not worth fixing. An unclear picture of the scope and reach of a problem can result in a lot of wasted time and effort

Web app session recording tools provide many benefits that can help you overcome these common challenges.

Recreating issues with session recording tools

A web app session recording is a video-like reconstruction of your users' screens created using data such as DOM tree mutations, mouse activity, network requests and responses, keyboard strokes, pages visited, and more. With LogRocket, this broad range of recorded data is indexed and searchable, allowing you to:

  • Understand the context behind user actions
  • Search through data to find specific sessions
  • Review aggregated data to identify patterns across sessions
  • Receive alerts when anomalies occur

Instead of asking users to provide screenshots or share their screens during support calls, you can use session recording tools to find the user’s session and see exactly what they experienced and how they behaved within your application. This helps developers identify errors quickly and resolve them before they affect more users.

Improving KPIs with web app session recordings

When a conversion funnel or feature is not performing as expected, session recordings can reveal the "why" behind struggling KPIs. By analyzing user behavior and interactions, you can identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to enhance your application.

For example, if users aren’t engaging with a new feature in the way you’d expect — or at all — you can watch example sessions to see what they’re doing and why. Likewise, viewing a series of user sessions can show you where people fall out of conversion funnels or stop interacting in vital areas, revealing the truth behind their experience and helping you optimize your product.

Some session recording tools, like LogRocket, also aggregate data across sessions. This can help you identify the most common reasons for abandoned sessions and enable you to address these issues proactively.

Roles that benefit from session recordings

Your whole team can use web app session recordings to better understand and interact with customers, optimize UX and application features, and make informed business decisions:

  • Developers can view web app session recordings to recreate user issues and find bugs or other technical issues
  • Support teams use session recordings to get more context behind user-reported problems and provide better, more personalized assistance
  • Product managers can better understand user needs and behaviors through session recordings to propose product improvements that will enhance UX
  • Marketing teams use session recordings to understand the "why" behind struggling KPIs and propose campaigns to boost conversion rates

A comprehensive solution like LogRocket also makes cross-team collaboration easier, allowing you to see exactly what you need and share that session with your team for better understanding.

Key features to look for in web app session recording tools

Not all session recording tools are created equal. Some may only sample random sessions, which can leave you without vital insights and provide only a general idea of user behavior. Others may not provide the high quality you need, resulting in a discrepancy between what you see in the recording and what the user actually experienced.

To get the most value possible out of the web app session recording tool you choose, look for these features:

  • Pixel-perfect fidelity: Get an accurate picture of user experience, especially related to complex or unique elements in your web app
  • Negligible impact on application performance: Choose a tool that has minimal impact on app performance while still capturing valuable data
  • Ability to sanitize sensitive information: Protect user privacy by obscuring sensitive data within recordings
  • Integrations with other tools: Streamline workflows by connecting your session replay tool with other essential systems, such as support tools like Zendesk or issue management tools like Jira
  • Built-in product analytics: Gain insights into user needs and behaviors with integrated product analytics features to improve your product and user experience
  • Ability to surface issues across multiple sessions: Identify patterns in user experiences and see how many users an issue affected or whether it impacted key business goals by analyzing multiple sessions at once

Get the context you need to efficiently identify, reproduce, and resolve issues at their source with a comprehensive solution like LogRocket.

Why LogRocket for web app session recording?

The best web app session recording tools can help you fix user-reported issues, find issues faster, and improve conversion, engagement, and user experience. With LogRocket, you get all the essential features above, plus:

  • Easy setup and use: With a single line of code, engineers, support staff, product managers, designers, and marketers can all get onboarded quickly and collaborate effectively using LogRocket as a single source of truth for issues and opportunities alike
  • Advanced security and data privacy: Besides automatically obscuring personally identifiable information (PII) and private fields, you can proactively choose any other fields or elements to obscure — or set all fields private by default and allow only the ones you want to capture. Any obscured data is blocked from recording at the browser level, so it never gets ingested
  • LogRocket Galileo machine learning module: Discover high-severity issues in your site or app and ship fixes before users complain, and before those issues affect your business. We’ve analyzed over a billion user interactions to build a model that delivers a weekly Issues Digest of the most impactful user-facing problems that need immediate attention

By leveraging web app session recording tools like LogRocket, developers can efficiently identify user-reported problems, optimize KPIs based on actual user experiences, and streamline workflows across teams. Ultimately, this will help you deliver better products for your users.

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