Session Recording for Websites and Web Apps

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What is session recording for web apps?

Web apps are typically used for business-critical functions, like managing an account, interacting with the company, or the web app might be the product itself. Because of their importance, many organizations look to understand how end-users use and interact with the web app. A session recording tool provides a playback of exactly what a user did on a web app. Sometimes session recordings only include hovering (otherwise known as heatmaps), whereas others will have more detailed information about what the user did, such as click events or technical information. 

Are session recording tools secure? Will my users know they are being recorded?

The vast majority of session recording tools for web apps do not make it known to the user that they are being recorded. Some options like LogRocket, have the ability for users to opt-in to the recordings. The level of security of session recording solutions for web apps depends on the provider and what kind of security measures they have put in place. See the next section for what security measures are important when considering deploying a solution. 

What should I look for when evaluating session recording tools for my web app?

Sampling - depending on your goals, you may only need to record a sampling of user activity. In most cases, the ability to record and store all sessions is important. Ensure that a solution is able to record all sessions as well as store them for viewing at a later date. 

Technology - depending on how your web app is built, there may be some tools which are better suited for your use case. For example, LogRocket has special integrations with frameworks such as React, Angular, Vue, and others, which give additional insight in the user recordings related to your technology stack. 

Security - since web app session recording tools are capturing potentially sensitive information about a user, security is paramount. To stay compliant with regulations you are subject to, create security evaluation criteria such as: where are session recordings stored? For how long are they stored? What kind of safeguards are in place to protect the recordings? How is the session recording service itself secured? Am I able to scrub or exclude certain elements from being recorded?

On-premises or cloud-based - related to the security questions is whether the tool is a SaaS service or software that you install on your own server. This has implications for compliance, how long you are able to store recordings, where they are stored (both technology and geography-wise), and how complicated the deployment process is. 

LogRocket has pixel-perfect session recordings which are coupled with technical telemetry. In addition, LogRocket keeps security top-of-mind with features like automatic element scrubbing, hardened breach prevention measures, and the ability to deploy as a SaaS or on-premises. Get a free trial of LogRocket today

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