Real User Monitoring for Websites and Web Apps

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What is Real User Monitoring?

The term can include a number of things including analytics, session replay, feedback solutions, and more. The goal of real user monitoring is to get insight into what actual users are doing on your website, web app, or app. The opposite would be automated QA solutions, which are not “real users” but attempt to mimic user behavior and traffic load with software. 

Performance impact of real user monitoring

Depending on what kind of solution is implemented, the performance impact of real user monitoring can vary quite widely. Analytics tools which capture data points about real users typically have no impact whatsoever. Feedback solutions like survey tools can have much greater impact, because modules are loaded in the DOM, usually from a 3rd-party. They can also negatively affect UX. Session replay tools like LogRocket normally have minimal to no performance impact. LogRocket, for instance, only sends a few KB of information per session.

What should you look when evaluating solutions? 

Depending on your needs, in our opinion, the best is to implement all three: a dynamic analytics tool, a feedback solution, and a session replay tool. These combined give you a full picture of how users are interacting with your web property and achieving what they set out to. 

What to look for in the best real user monitoring tools:

  • Easy to setup and use - Between support, product owners, developers, UX, and more, there could be potentially dozens of users in your organization using the tool. Make sure it’s easy for these users to get onboarded and using it successfully. 
  • Capture everything and verify accurate data & replay - Some solutions only capture a subset of users on your website or app. Ensure that there is the option to capture every session and every event. Also, test the quality of what these tools produce. If it is an analytics tool, validate that the data is accurate and displays correctly. For session replay tools, check to see if the quality of the playback is not fuzzy and doesn’t jump around. 
  • Include logging - real user monitoring doesn’t stop at just the user’s actions. It should also expand to what the application or website was doing while the user was interacting with it. Therefore, including all of the logs that a user initiated or experienced gives insight into what might have happened to cause frustration. 

LogRocket provides pixel-perfect session replay which includes technical information. In addition, LogRocket has robust reporting to see how issues affected users over time. If you’re evaluating real user monitoring tools, get a free trial of LogRocket today

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