Case Study


Since getting started with LogRocket, Dutchie has expanded use to their support, engineering, and product teams, reducing both costs and errors along the way

Joe Kestell
Sr. Technical Program Manager
Cost savings by consolidating onto LogRocket
Reduction in misreported errors
New product usability

Exec summary

Dutchie is an all-in-one cannabis technology platform that faces a common problem: serving a wide variety of user types with an equally wide variety of technical abilities. Their challenges often require creative solutions — and a deep understanding of user behavior — to ensure every user knows how to accomplish their goals.

Four Dutchie team leads adopted LogRocket to deliver a product experience that fits the needs of all their users. LogRocket has played an integral role in addressing user frustration and reducing costs.

Already using LogRocket to streamline issue resolution, Dutchie furthered their use of the platform to deepen their focus on driving development and customer adoption of DutchiePay, a new product that gives cannabis customers the ability to link their bank to pay for transactions at dispensaries.


LogRocket has helped Dutchie drive great digital experiences since 2021, so much so that when the cannabis platform acquired a new support team, they transitioned them from their previous digital experience software to LogRocket.

Staff Technical Program Manager Joe Kestell led Dutchie’s effort to optimize their use of LogRocket, bringing on Senior Product Manager Brian Trejo to drive adoption ahead of launching their new product, DutchiePay.

Between driving adoption of DutchiePay and streamlining their support team’s workflow, LogRocket quickly became an indispensable part of ensuring customer adoption.

Measuring product usability during key adoption phases

To drive in-store adoption of DutchiePay, their new, secure ACH payment solution, Brian Trejo used LogRocket to gain insight into user behavior of both the budtenders and customers using the product.

“Consumer adoption was our core focus of using LogRocket,” Brian said. “We wanted to measure usability and emphasize our commitment to training new users to the best of our ability.”

Session replays were key to this commitment: Brian and his team could “peer over the shoulders” of the people who used the payment system daily, without risking user privacy or interrupting users’ processes.

“LogRocket helped us with measuring usability overall. We were able to quickly troubleshoot any issues we saw happen so that they wouldn’t recur for returning customers.”

In one instance, Dutchie identified that 60 percent of escalated support tickets were incorrectly categorized as errors originating within DutchiePay, which prevented users from completing transactions.

Brian noticed a dropoff in the conversion rate funnel and used session replays to dig deeper into real instances of user issues, where he could see exactly what users did when facing the problem. He used LogRocket’s technical context to identify that DutchiePay was not the root cause of these issues. Rather, improper error messages had misinformed their users about the cause of the issue and left them with no clear directions for resolving it.

Brian flagged the issue to Dutchie support, who redirected users immediately while the product team reworked flows with an eye on user behavior. Resolving these improper error messages and alerting support to the matter entirely eliminated ticket escalation in this area.

Supporting customers at their level of technical competency

Director of Product Support Jonathan Wilzig knew that his team needed more technical information and insight into user behavior to efficiently resolve issues when rolling out new systems and features like DutchiePay.

Some of their most difficult cases involved Dutchie’s real-time integration with government regulatory systems. “If you make a mistake in one place, that mistake gets transferred to another system, causing issues for our customers,” Jonathan explained. When user errors occur on Dutchie’s side, it means they carry through to the state’s records, which can affect their ability to conduct business.

Previously, support spent an excessive amount of time looking for incomplete or incorrect data reported by customers, especially those who couldn’t accurately explain what went wrong. But now, Jonathan says, “LogRocket helps us find these issues and help our customers correct them, as well as prevent future occurrences.”

“Our customers range from multibillion-dollar companies with large IT and support teams to mom-and-pop shops, and LogRocket helps us help all of them.”

With LogRocket, Jonathan’s team only needs to locate a user’s session and watch what they did to know exactly where and when the mistake was made — and how to trace and fix it using LogRocket stack traces. To share with engineering, all they had to do was share a link to the LogRocket session to provide them with all the necessary technical information to resolve the problem.

This has improved customer service experiences and Dutchie’s overall performance. With fewer incorrect flows completed overall, Dutchie’s platform is able to provide a higher degree of operational compliance for their retailers.

Eliminating support issues around the world

Sean Ilenrey, Dutchie’s VP of Support, recognized LogRocket’s potential to revolutionize how they trained their remote support teams and redoubled his dedication to a great customer experience. He built LogRocket into the new training curriculum.

“We have 70 to 80 people using LogRocket every day,” Sean said. They locate user sessions, watch them, and communicate live with users who are struggling to troubleshoot issues. This level of support, at this scale, was previously unprecedented for a company of Dutchie’s size without taking on large infrastructure costs or a larger support team.

LogRocket has directly helped Dutchie increase their one-touch resolution rate — so much so that Sean finds it indispensable.

“LogRocket is so integrated into how we solve our problems, I don’t know what else we would do without it.”

Uniting global teams while reducing costs

As LogRocket built a stronger connection between the support and engineering teams, Joe Kestell recognized that LogRocket’s insights proved more actionable than what they’d found in their previous solution.

“In addition to better tooling, LogRocket provides a helpful check on our personal biases and thought patterns about the product, which the other solutions didn’t do,” Joe said. LogRocket gave Dutchie teams a single place to go to gather evidence of user confusion or frustration to inform their product strategy — something Joe knew would be key in product launches beyond DutchiePay.

Ultimately, downsizing from two separate solutions to LogRocket’s all-in-one platform reduced Dutchie’s real user monitoring costs by 50 percent, while simultaneously providing greater value to more teams.

Improving flow with LogRocket

LogRocket has been invaluable to improving the flow of issues from one Dutchie team to another. All four individuals we spoke with for this case study agreed that LogRocket will continue to be indispensable as they work to optimize user flows, and expanding their use of LogRocket would benefit them further.

“Cannabis is highly a regulated industry and in some instances that regulation can require complex workflows, with up to 20 to 30 steps in them. We could absolutely use LogRocket to optimize them at a ‘micro-level,’ ” Jonathan suggested. Sean, too, sees room to expand his personal use of LogRocket to measure his team’s success and track progress against their MTTR and one-touch resolution metrics.

Everyone agrees that LogRocket will be a key part of Dutchie’s future. “We’re pretty early in the maturity curve of what LogRocket has to offer,” Joe said. “Seeing us leverage it to a greater extent would be fantastic.”